Jewellery Care

Here are some help tips to looking after your jewellery

  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in practical activities
  • Store your jewellery in the boxes or soft piouch provided, which will protect it from scratching
  • Try to avoid exposing your jewellery to harsh chemicals, hairspray and perfumes
  • Some of our necklaces uses fine chain, take care not to get them caught or pulled
  • When cleaning your jewellery, place in an aluminium foil lined bowl and cover with a tablespoon of bi-carb, pour boiling water till the piece is covered. Leave for a few minutes and then wash carefully under cold water, using a soft toothbrush to clean any finer details

Our jewellery is designed for daily wear. Wear and tear is a natural occurrence for jewellery. All matte and textural surfaces will become shinier as the surface treatments wear off. Finishings can be reapplied to give a similar look to when first purchased. For any maintenance enquiries, please get in contact with us.